Saturday, July 14, 2007

"The Other Side of Misery by Ramzi" by Ramzi P. Haddad (Instrumental Rock Artist from Hawaii (HI))

The dynamics of “The Other Side of Misery by Ramzi” make it highly evident that Ramzi has harnessed many wisdoms. He shares his insights with us in epic, yet lucid pieces whose titles guide the reflections contained within the musical arrangements. The keyboard, synthesizer, and piano work within the pieces is very impressive and demonstrates Ramzi’s versatility in styles and sounds. The recording quality is very good, and the production provides many creative accents to the music. "Brain Storm" is a particularly touching song suggestive of the storm of thoughts and perceptions that can run rampant in one's mind, leading and steering their lives. The melodic horn part and answering piano part, are memorable in "In the Shadows." The Other Side of Misery is an irrefutable beacon of light reminding us that life puts us to the test in order to make us strong; a reflective precursor to a life of joy and wonder. If you enjoy contemporary instrumental music, The Other Side of Misery is a "must-have"! Staff
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